Cartel Blue Inc. Announces Its Implementation of Brandboom Wholesale Platform

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 4, 2016 – Cartel Blue Inc. (OTC PINK: CRTL) is pleased to announce that after weeks of preparation that it has implemented the Brandboom wholesale platform software.  As an apparel company that primarily manufactures and markets premium men’s and women’s denim and sportswear, Brandboom software will assist Cartel Blue‘s salesforce to capture orders more efficiently and accurately.

Brandboom is a wholesale ordering software solution that allows Cartel Blue the ability to sync its salesforce with product information, and collaborate with showrooms, distributors and retailers.   Brandboom makes ordering easy for buyers.

Over 90,000 retailers are using Brandboom software ordering system.  Brands like Cartel Blue that have fully adopted Brandboom with their buyers achieve up to 40% gains in productivity across the board.  Buyers get a better experience and higher quality attention from Cartel Blue’s salesforce.

Brandboom will also allow Cartel Blue’s salesforce to spend more time reaching out to buyers, and respond instantly when they are interested and ready to buy.  Most importantly, Brandboom buyers tend to buy more and buy sooner.

Level 4 Collective Showroom‘s owner, M. D’amelio, said, “Everybody loves Brandboom.  Even buyers who are the toughest to crack, end up sending orders.  It’s great!”

The Company’s President, David Rhodes, said, “I’m so glad that we chose Brandboom.  As we launch into sales, Brandboom was the clear choice to help us streamline our sales efforts and instantly position Cartel Blue, Inc. for substantial sales and growth in the future.”