Cartel Blue Inc. Announces Six Figure Apparel Order From Israel Based Apparel Boutique and Wholesale Distributer, Taglit Ltd.

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 2, 2016 Cartel Blue Inc. (OTC PINK: CRTL) is pleased to announce that Israel’s Taglit Ltd. high-end boutique stores and wholesale distributor has signed a six-figure apparel order with shipment to be completed by June 30, 2016.

Taglit Ltd., Rishon Le Tsiyon, Israel will introduce and launch Cartel Blue men’s premium vintage jeans throughout Israel.   Taglit Ltd. has multiple boutique locations, and is a wholesale distributor of high-end apparel.  Its initial order from Cartel Blue is a test market order.

Taglit Ltd. apparel buyers have indicated to Cartel Blue sales representatives that they fully expect Cartel Blue’s men’s premium vintage jeans to strike the right cord with its customers for many reasons.   In particular, Taglit Ltd. apparel buyers voiced strong confidence in Cartel Blue’s men’s premium jeans based on their authentic look and the fact that they are manufactured in the world’s capital of premium jeans, Los Angeles, California.

Yigal Cohen, said “Our consumers will travel through time when considering a purchase of seriously authentic Cartel Blue men’s vintage premium jeans.  Fabric, construction and washes are done to a T.   No doubt the U.S.A- based Cartel Blue brand will perform well for us.”

The Company’s President David Rhodes, said, “Cartel Blue feels honored to launch its men’s premium vintage jean line in the Israel market.  We are excited to have the opportunity to present our company’s apparel products in this market that will not only give Cartel Blue exposure to Israeli consumers but those many consumers that visit Israel, as well.  We look forward to further apparel orders from Taglit Ltd.”