Cartel Blue is a newly launched Los Angeles, California-based apparel company that utilizes high quality eco-friendly fabrics and designs.  Using contemporary and edgy marketing strategies in conjunction with popular and unique celebrities in the film, television and music industries, the company will manufacture and market primarily eco-friendly cotton premium jeans and sportswear for both men and women.

Cartel Blue manufactures all of its apparel products in the United States of America while utilizing the best in class of fabric suppliers and apparel designers.

Cartel Blue’s mission is to bring unique eco-friendly premium jeans and sportswear to consumers concerned with high quality fashion and/or social issue changes that enlarge their personal freedoms.

Being a collection-driven company, our vision is to become the preferred option for our customers in the premium jean and sportswear market.

Our target segments are brands and retailers that focus their efforts in servicing mid-range premium standard jean market with retail prices from $150-250, and mid-range premium standard sportswear market with retail prices from $50-100.

For these segments, our value proposition will deliver the highest quality differentiated jeans and sportswear in a timely manner at a large scale to the widest discriminating market.

Our apparel products are superior to our competitors because we source eco-friendly fabrics, utilize American grown and woven premium cotton fabrics, have forward thinking experienced designers, and utilize Los Angeles, California-based premium apparel manufactures.  Moreover, we have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract customers at a low cost.

These skill sets, inter alia, include working with social issue change organizations seeking to raise funds through direct email sales of Cartel Blue apparel to its members, free-standing displays of Cartel Blue apparel in extraordinary locations with distinctive point-of-purchase attachments to attract consumer attention with extraordinary celebrity support.

The company will primarily utilize United States of America grown and woven premium cotton fabrics while employing best-in-class fabric suppliers and apparel designers.

The new website is currently under development, and can be seen here:

Made in USA