Customer Analysis for Revenge Designs, Inc, and Cartel Blue


Target Customers


Customer Needs

Our customers are men and women that appreciate eco-friendly fabric and high quality fashion manufactured in the United States of America.

  • Age: 15-50, with some room on either side to accommodate/allow for various income brackets.
  • Income: Cartel Blue, Inc., premium apparel product brands appeal to both low and high income brackets.
  • Gender: Male and Female.
  • Location:  Primarily the United States of America and all other free nations around the world.
  • Values/Beliefs: Socially conscience individuals that seek positive social issue changes to enlarge their personal freedom of choice.

They are concerned with social issues, and are not afraid to express their opinions via apparel fashion statements.

  • Speed:  Direct purchase from retailer business or immediate free delivery from Cartel Blue website coming soon.
  • Quality: They want premium denims, t-shirts and tops that perform well and look and feel great.  They also desire the added bonus of knowing what they wear is environmentally sustainable.
  • Reliability:  Cartel Blue apparel is made from the highest quality eco-friendly natural fabrics.
  • Comfort:  Cartel Blue has selected fabric and designed jeans, t-shirts and sportswear that are timeless and that improve in comfort with age and wear.
  • Price: Cartel Blue product price points are mid-range of the premium jean, t-shirt and sportswear market
  • Customer Service:  Cartel Blue, Inc., will absolutely seek to provide superior customer service to its customers and retail stores carrying its apparel.
    As the analysis shows, our relevant market is large enough for our company to enjoy considerable success.

Made in USA