Investor Relations

We do not simply acquire brands or companies; we develop cause-commerce brands that share our vision and values into iconic businesses.

We believe in the modern, informed consumers, with information at their fingertips and social change on their minds who wish to enlarge personal freedoms for all.

  • Products:  We utilize United States of America grown and woven premium cotton fabrics,  have forward thinking experienced designers, and utilize Los Angeles based premium apparel manufactures.
  • Human Resources: Our management team has unique experience in the industry including, apparel design, apparel manufacturing, retail apparel store ownership, and internet website design and promotion.
  • Location:  Our location allows us to better serve customers because we have easy access to apparel market manufacturing and store buyers along with a substantial pool of human resource availability.
  • Operational Systems:  We are developing systems that enable us to provide high visibility of Cartel Blue products to consumers.  The systems include internet website, mobile apps, and social media of Cartel Blue products.

Customers:  We will be serving customers concerned with and active in positive social issue change movements along with those interested in high-quality fashionable apparel products.

Intellectual Property (IP): We have Intellectual Property that gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our Intellectual Property includes ownership of trademark, .com domain name, and Cartel Blue social media names for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Marketing:  We have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract new customers at a low cost.  These skill sets include seeking to raise funds through sales of Cartel Blue and future brands products to members, free-standing displays in extraordinary locations with unique point-of-purchase attachments to attract consumer attention, and celebrity support.

Investor Information
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