Revenge Designs Completes Acquisition of Cartel Blue


LOS ANGELES, CA – April 21, 2015 – Revenge Designs, Inc., (OTC: RVGD) is pleased to announce they have completed the acquisition of Cartel Blue Inc., an apparel company based in Los Angeles, CA for a combination of cash and stock.

Cartel Blue, Inc., is an eco-friendly apparel company that will primarily manufacture and market eco-friendly cotton blend fabric premium jeans and tops to men and woman.   The company manufactures all its apparel products in the United States of America.

The company, now headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is focused on bringing unique eco-friendly premium jeans and tops to consumers concerned with: protecting the environment, high quality fashion, and/or social issue changes that enlarge their personal freedoms.

About Cartel Blue

The company was conceptualized and developed over the past 12 months by business entrepreneur, David Rhodes, working in conjunction with experienced apparel designers and production specialists.  The company team has sourced and secured the best in class of eco-friendly cotton blend fabric.

Designers have developed premium jean and top designs, and production specialists have reached production scheduling and cost agreements with manufacturers.  United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Cartel Blue trademarks rights (Reg. No. 4690524)

The company website launch page can be found at, and is presently undergoing a thorough update.  In addition, the company has secured all other relevant social media addresses.

The company is positioned to market its eco-friendly cotton blend fabric premium jeans and tops primarily in apparel stores, and on the internet via its website,, and online company affiliates.

Marketing will include contemporary and edgy strategies advanced in, but will not be limited to trade shows, reliance on endorsements from celebrities in film, television, and music industries, social media ads, apps, event marketing, and direct mail.

The Company’s President, David Rhodes, said, “There has been an overwhelming positive response from apparel store buyers and potential customers to Cartel Blue’s unique combination of cotton blend fabric and premium jean and top designs.  We expect an absolute explosion in sales.”

For further information:
David Rhodes
Cartel Blue Inc.
Phone: 310-858-5549